Monday, October 1, 2007


Something is slowly killing our kids! It is hurting their IQ, contributing to the increase of obesity, asthma, ADD and all kinds of behavior problems. It is causing heart disease in teenagers.

We are guilty of giving them this thing everyday, and we sit idly by and watch television commercials urged them to consume it.

What is this poison?

Ironically, it is a necessary nutrient called Omega 6 essential free fatty acid, " essential" meaning that the body cannot make it and it must be obtained from the diet.

The biggest source of Omega-6 in our diet is soybean oil. In fact, all of the vegetable oils that we have been instructed to use contribute to the overdose of Omega-6.

Omega 6 is an almost all the food our children eat: snacks, school lunches, salad dressing, baked goods, chips, and all of fast foods. Even meat and poultry now contain more omega six. Then before, because we feed them grain, corn and soybean meal instead of grass.

Overdose of Omega 6 harms kids and adults by competing with omega-3 for critical metabolic pathways that cause an increase of inflammation. Omega-6 promotes inflammation Omega-3 reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is the root cause of heart disease, and ADD, depression, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and many more disorders prevalent and increasing in our society. We are literally setting a fire inside our kids, inflammation means" fire inside".

One of the leading experts on food and behavior, Dr. Joe Hibbeln Of the National Institutes of Health states that he and other sciences have firmly established. Why our population is seeing increases in heart disease, asthma, developmental disorders, depression, bipolar disorders and even suicide.

The Cause?

Too much Omega 6 (soybean oil)

Too little Omega-3 (fish oil)

What can we do to help our kids? Cut back on all foods that contain Omega 6; chips, cookies, baked goods, commercial foods, and especially fast food.

Manufactured food almost always has too much Omega 6

Switch to grass fed meat and poultry

Encourage eating more fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc.

Consider a fish oil supplement, one to 2 g a day has been proven to be beneficial in children and adults. Choose a high quality fish oil from an established source.

Take the TV out of your kids room. Eighty percent of American children have a television in their rooms. Get rid of its negative influence and make your positive influence felt.

Use your power to change the world!

If you don't buy products containing Omega 6 manufacturers will quit making it!

Dennis Embry Ph.D. speaks about and is writing a book on what he calls "Youthanasia", killing our kids with too much Omega 6!

Diet, does it affect behavior! Nourish your children for a healthier life.


Roy Bingham said...

Dear Dr. Lundell, there is no doubt in my mind that you are correct that manufactured foods containing too much Omega-6 are responsible for a wide array of health problems and the situation is only getting worse. This is exacerbated by the trend towards preparing less food ourselves at home and eating out or takeout. We don't even know in detail what we are serving our kids anymore!

Can you provide some guidance on: 1. Prepared foods (brands and products) that are likely to be popular with children that are less harmful in terms of excess omega-6 and 2. Food chains that have better products?

Many Thanks

P.S. I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and we are working very hard at providing extra Omega-3 for them through the products, but we don't have such an easy solution for excess Omega-6 (or refined sugars and salt (for that matter)

Dennis Embry said...

Dear nurishlife,

Your request for list of products that do not contain omega-6 is a good one. We are working on that.

Obviously fresh foods (except grain fed meats) are good. Prepared baked goods are a serious culprit. You can find many that do not contain omega-6 at Trader Joes, which are resonably priced. Imitation butter is not; juse olive oil for a spread or other things. We use a tiny bit of butter or olive oi. The cerals at Trader Joes are pretty good.