Sunday, October 7, 2007

Can Negative Thoughts Be Positive to Your Health?

Our mothers told us as children, "Think positive." Was it good advice?

Okay, there's no denying that positive thoughts can help us all achieve our goals whether they be personal, career driven, relationship driven, financially motived, and health oriented.

However, during a recent conversation with Dr. Lundell, he raised a thought provoking question. "Why is it that we (referring to the American Culture) refuse to see benefits of removing certain aspects of our lifestyles and diets? Why don't we acknowlege that by removing toxins, we can actually cure disease? Instead we think we need to add medications."

I thought about his coments for days. He's right. For some reason the American public views advice to eliminate harmful ingredients from our diets as simply a good recommendation--when in reality these ingredients are actually the cause of our ailments.

"Trans fats, and Omega 6 overload is extremely toxic and dangerous," says Dr. Lundell. "But, instead of following the science that proves how beneficial it can be for our health to eliminate these ingredients, our science looks for solutions to continue consuming these toxins. Instead of eliminating toxins, our pharmaceutical companies try to create medications that we can add to our daily regimens so we can continue making unhealthy choices. Instead of looking for bandages to cover our bad choices, why can't we just stop making bad choices?"

So, maybe it's time to think negative thoughts--let's live our lives eating healthy foods, minus the toxins. Instead of adding pills to our daily regimens, lets eliminate the junk that is causing the problems in the first place.

"If the public receives the truth about disease, instead of getting their information from pharmaceutical commercials, we can cure disease," says Dr. Lundell. "That's our job--to reveal the real science."

Let's start thinking about we can remove from our diets, instead of what pills we may need to add if we continue our unhealthy choices. That's negative thinking turned positive. And, it means that our mothers were right--with a little positive thinking, eliminating toxic ingredients from our diets isn't very difficult after all.

Posted by: Todd R. Nordstrom, Co-Author
The Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a Nation

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