Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where's Your Hole in "Whole Health"

What does "Whole Health" mean anyway?

A variety of companies and organizations seem to be engaging in a concept that encompasses every form of wellness—creating a circular spectrum of health. I guess when you really stop and think about it, any area of your life that isn't so robust and vibrant could be deemed as unhealthy. And, the obvious questions I think most of us ask are: should we care about everything? And, is it possible to achieve complete wellness?

Let's say my relationships are strong, my physical health is envied, my spiritually is glowing, and my emotional health is robust—yet, I'm the guy who somehow turned out to be happy with only a slightly infectious disease called personality. If all of this is in tact, I should be great. But, what if my pocket book is suffering? Or, what if I hated my job?

One of the most intriguing tidbits of scientific brilliance I've learned from working side-by-side with Dr. Lundell on our book, The Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a Nation is that our physiology is completely biological—we're simply moving masses of interconnected living cells.

What does that mean? Why should we care that we're not just a bunch of machine-like parts?

Well, it means that if we don't practice a philosophy of "whole health," sooner or later our weaknesses will catch up with our strengths. It's impossible to have diabetes without the disease, at some point in its progression, leading to heart disease. It's impossible to be overweight without the excess body fat slowly planting a flag of disease somewhere else in the body. And, all this havoc is really caused by the same thing—inflammation.

So, what does inflammation—the heat, swelling, and physical irritation that can cause disease—look like in a spectrum of "whole health?"

Well imagine that all things I mentioned earlier in this post were interconnected like the cells of our body. Just like inflammation, if you allow any injury or foreign object to continue to irritate and progress, it can proceed to creat a much larger problem—a small infection can overrun your entire body. And the same is ture with your"whole health." Maybe your physical health depends on keeping your stress levels in check, and your stress was created by financial strife, and your financial strife affected your relationship, and your relationship issues lowered your self esteem, and your self esteem affected your productivity to a greater extent at work—at a job that you already despised, which got you fired, which further enhanced your financial difficulties, and so on...

Tired yet? See the downward spiral?

Physical health is the foundation to complete health. When you achieve physical wellness, your healthy body can better manage all the other aspects of your life.

Ta-Da! Maybe you're now realizing where your hole in "whole health" is located.

The healthy human is the whole human. And, sadly, we all have at least a few potholes in our life that need to be mended from time to time.

Posted By Todd R. Nordstrom, Co-Author, The Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a Nation

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