Thursday, June 19, 2008

The tragic and untimely death of Tim Russert raises many questions. Could his death from a heart attack have been prevented or was it inevitable?

By all reports he had excellent medical care, he was on medication for high blood pressure, and it reportedly was under control. He was being treated for high cholesterol, with a statin drug and enjoyed an excellent response. His LDL was 68, below, the new recommended level of 70. His HDL had been raised from the low 20s to 38. He had passed a stress test this past April, and reportedly was trying to lose weight and had begun to exercise on a stationary bike.

Mr. Russert and his family had the false hope as do countless others that taking a statin drug or some other medication solves the problem of heart disease.

Mr. Russert died in spite of excellent conventional medical care. His death was caused by a ruptured plaque in the left anterior descending coronary artery, which blocked it and caused ventricular fibrillation. Sadly this same thing happens to about 90 people every single day, it just does not make headlines.

So what are we to do to prevent this from happening to us or our loved ones?

Modern heart care is excellent at treating symptomatic heart disease and intervening in a crisis, but is very poor at prevention or predicting future events. This is because we have focused on cholesterol levels and ignored the real cause of plaque and plaque rupture; inflammation!

Inflammation is caused by bad diets, inactivity, and excess body weight. Inflammation can be controlled, heart disease can be prevented, tragedies can be avoided.

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Anonymous said...

Tim Russert and George Carlin

Two beloved American celebrities have succumbed to heart disease before their time. The national response has been disappointment in a medical system that could allow this to happen. What could have been done differently to save the lives of both Tim and George, to avoid this fatal outcome?

To read more...Saving Tim Russert and George Carlin by Jeffrey Dach MD

Jeffrey Dach MD
4700 Sheridan Suite T
Hollywood FL 33021
my web site said...

Dr Lundell,

I am a 2 time heart attack survivor. Now, after reading your information, I want to be more pro-active in the fight to help prevent of another attack on my body. But, I want to go further than that and join your crusade and save other lives!

Nick Hetcher

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