Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fish Oil, Low Calorie Diet Reduce the Risk of Inflammation

A diet high in fish oil and low in calories could reduce markers of inflammation by up to 90%, according to a study published in the journal Life Sciences.

The study looked at the effects of fish oil and/or low-calorie diets on markers of inflammation-such as lipid oxidation levels and concentrations of superoxides, prostaglandins and leukotriene B4-in both young and old mice. The animals received either corn oil or fish oil and those on calorie-restricted diets received the same dosages of corn oil or fish oil as did the controls.

Older mice on the corn oil diet had superoxide levels about 18% higher than their younger counterparts. Younger mice on the calorie-restricted diet had superoxide levels about 35% lower, while for those on the fish oil diet the decrease was about 60%. In calorie-restricted younger mice consuming fish oil, superoxide levels were decreased by 90%.
Life Sciences 78(21):2523-2532, 2006

Dr Lundell's comments:

Oxidative stress occurs when we have more oxidation than the body can overcome with its native antioxidant systems. Oxidative stress is connected with premature aging, cancer,tissue and DNA damage. This study emphasizes the connection between inflammation and oxidation and shows how important Omega 3 from fish oil is in reducing both. Think about this when you order supersize french Fries cooked in corn oil.


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